When your production process brings up salty water along with oil or gas, you need to treat this produced water to remove suspended solids comprised of silt, fine sand, and chemical compounds as well as hydrocarbons before you can discharge it at the surface level.  Filtered water is then available for reuse, re-injection or disposal. You can choose costly processes or chemicals—or you can use the efficient, cost-effective equipment and processes developed by experts in wastewater treatment.

Schreiber’s technology offers you particle removal even with oil present, using long-lasting media that can be cleaned and reused. Our media can be compressed to change the pore size, capturing particles down to micron level. High operating flux rates result in a system that requires a smaller footprint than other solutions, so your water treatment step will not dominate your operation.



  • Long media life
  • Improved particle removal
  • Varying filter porosity
  • Plug and play operation
  • Expanded equipment lifecycle
  • Solutions expertise


  • Heavy metals removal
  • Hydrocarbons removal