Schreiber incorporates the Archimedean screw pump concept in our pumping design—our Open Flight Screw Pump and Tube Mounted Screw Pump. The Archimedean screw design, which originated in the third century BC, provides variable capacity at a constant speed up to its design maximum.


The key to Schreiber’s screw pump success is our superior lower bearing design, which provides true self-aligning capability based on an oil-lubricated, single-row spherical roller with a combination radial-and-thrust bearing. An elevated oil reservoir and feed hose supply lubrication to the bearing. The mechanism does not consume the oil the way a grease-lubricated bearing would, so operators simply change the oil regularly after a set period of use. This eliminates the maintenance required by grease recovery systems. The pumps are supported at the upper shaft by a simple pillow block bearing to provide radial support. Finally, Schreiber screw pumps are hot-dipped galvanized steel or epoxy-coated after fabrication, making them especially resistant to corrosion.

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The Open Flight Screw Pump uses the classic Archimedean design, transporting liquid using an open concrete trough. The most common pump style in use in municipalities across the country, the Open Flight Screw Pump is the right choice for high-volume Learn More