Take a look at our range of Wastewater Screens all which are produced to the highest quality ensuring they remove and block all hazardous materials. All our wastewater screens require little maintenance and are easy to wash.

Our Wastewater Screens

The Schreiber Bar Screen performs a complete job of removing screenings from the wastewater and placing them into a container for disposal. Using a rugged screen to remove large, potentially hazardous materials, the Bar Screen is the right tool for shallow-depth coarse screening.


Schreiber’s MC Fine Screen is a traveling band, deep channel screen with depths up to 50 feet and widths up to 14 feet, including slot spacing to 1mm.


A brushless motor drives the Schreiber Fine Screen, approved for use in Class I, Division II areas per NEC. The bars of two grids—one movable and one stationary—alternate throughout the unit.