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Pharmaceutical Industry

Water is a critical component to the highly specialized pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, and large amounts of water are required in a variety of processes. Stringent environmental regulations and competitive pressure increase the need for unique and innovative process water and wastewater treatment solutions. Without reliable and efficient pharmaceutical water treatment systems, the product quality, product safety and process efficiency can be greatly compromised.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers use a large variety of materials and processes in product creation. Processes such as fermentation, biological and natural extraction, chemical synthesis, compounding, or formulating require different degrees of treated process water and generate several types of wastewater in return. Parkson has the proven process expertise and innovative technologies to meet these difficult demands. 

Beyond innovative water treatment equipment, Parkson can provide entire turnkey systems for pharmaceutical companies including:

  • Supervisory control
  • Data acquisition
  • Remote data monitoring
  • Complete design, build, and operate (DBO) solutions

All of the systems mentioned above can be financed through Parkson to eliminate up front capital costs.

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Solids Screening and Recovery Biological Treatment Heavy Metal Recovery Wastewater Pretreatment Filtration and Sterilization Solids Handling and Reduction Cooling Tower Water Treatment Controls Chemical feed Filtration and Process Water Treatment Headworks
Filtration & Process Water Treatment


Most sources of inlet water contain some level of solids or grit that must be removed prior to further filtration and water treatment for use in production processes. Parkson offers a wide range of screening and solids removal and dewatering technologies and solutions including in-channel and rotating or wedgewire screens, washing and dewatering technologies, and complete turnkey headwork system solutions. We can help to choose the optimal headworks solution to meet your specific inlet water screening and dewatering requirements.

Filtration & Process Water Treatment

Filtration & Process Water Treatment

Filtration and process water treatment is essential to almost all industrial processes and the water quality requirements can vary greatly for each specific application. With the wide array of applications and treatment options available, Parkson can assist in determining what level of treatment is required and design and supply the appropriate equipment and systems for each specific need. These can include continuous backwash filtration, media filtration, membrane filtration, deionization, demineralization, reverse osmosis, chemical dosing as well as many other specialized systems. These systems can treat incoming water as well as be fed by recycled water from the wastewater treatment systems to minimize discharge and decrease overall water usage.

Chemical Feed

Chemical Feed

Depending on the application, certain points in the water and wastewater treatment process require chemical feed systems. Parkson can provide standard or customizable chemical feed solutions for applications such as pH control, coagulation, polymer dosing and blending, chemical neutralization and precipitation, to meet your chemical control needs.



As with any process, the controls are the brains that ensure the proper and efficient function of the overall system. Parkson's controls group can provide the technologies and services necessary to monitor, analyze, and effectively control the equipment and systems involved in nearly all water and wastewater treatment processes in order to optimize the efficiency and functionality of each application.

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling towers require large amounts of high quality water and inadequate water treatment systems can result in poor heat transfer, dangerous health and safety concerns, and equipment failures which can all be very costly and drastically reduce the overall plant productivity and efficiency. Parkson has can provide the necessary water treatment solutions to prevent issues such as corrosion, microbiological growth, fouling and scaling in your cooling tower facility. Our expertise and design capabilities encompass systems such as chemical feed, clarification, disinfection, ion exchange, and separation specifically tailored to your cooling tower water quality requirements.

Solids Handling

Solids Handling and Reduction

Almost all wastewater treatment produces residual solids during the treatment process and that sludge needs to be dewatered and reduced as much as possible before disposal. Parkson's sludge handling and drying systems contain all of the necessary transfer and reducing equipment required in order to minimize solids disposal costs.

Filtration & Sterilization

Filtration & Sterilization

The reuse of treated wastewater has become a necessity with rising incoming water costs, increasing discharge surcharges, and stringent effluent regulations. Whether the water will be recycled or it just need to meet stringent discharge restriction, Parkson can meet the need with system technologies such as continuous backwash filtration, media filtration, membrane filtration, deionization, or reverse osmosis. These solutions combined with sterilization or disinfectant systems such as chemical and UV treatment will provide you the quality of water required for reuse or to meet all environmental regulations.


Wastewater Pretreatment

Choosing the appropriate pretreatment system can drastically improve the function and capacity of downstream wastewater treatment systems and help to improve overall plant efficiency. Depending on your process needs, Parkson can provide several different pretreatment systems from primary clarifiers, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), or anaerobic treatment systems. Each system is tailored to the wastewater and matched with the downstream treatment technologies for optimal plant performance.

Heavy Metal Recovery

Heavy Metal Recovery

Many industrial processes can contribute Copper, Nickel, Chromium, lead and many other heavy metals to the wastewater stream of a plant. Treating waste from these processes can be particularly challenging and proper chemical treatment, filtration, and materials recycle and recover systems are essential. With decades of experience Parkson can provide specifically tailored treatment solutions for removing and recovering these heavy metals to ensure that your wastewater meets today's stringent regulations and standards.

Biological Treatment

Biological Treatment

There is a wide array of biological treatment technologies and systems to choose from including activated sludge systems, moving bed bioreactors (MBBR), sequencing batch reactors (SBR), membrane bioreactors (MBR), and other as well. With decades of experience in biological treatment process design, Parkson has the capabilities and expertise to help determine the optimal technologies and processes for your specific wastewater treatment needs. We can integrate the proper biological treatment into your facility to help you effectively meet the stringent environmental regulations and optimize plant efficiencies.

Solids Screening & Recover

Solids Screening & Recovery

Solids screening and recovery systems are critical for the proper function of biological or other downstream wastewater treatment systems. Screening requirements can vary greatly depending on the application and poor or inadequate screening can result in ineffective wastewater treatment, discharge permit violations, equipment failure, and increased maintenance and operational costs. Parkson offers several screening and solids recovery systems including in-channel and rotating or wedgewire screens, washing and dewatering technologies, and complete turnkey headwork system solutions. Parkson's expertise allows us to match the appropriate systems to efficiently pass through suitable water to downstream treatment systems while removing and treating solids.

Incoming city gorund or surface water

Incoming city ground or surface water

Odor Control

Odor Control

Different phases of the wastewater treatment process can generate unpleasant odors that may require the uso of odor control systems. Parkson's overall treatment expertise includes the ability to accurately assess your treatment process to determine the actual source of the odors and not only provide the proper odor control equipment and systems to treat the source, but depending on the cause, we can possibly eliminate the issue by ensuring the treatment process is functioning effectively as well.