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Rotostrainer Externally Fed Drum Screen - San Diego, CA

Parkson Joins the Craft Beer Revolution

The micro-brewery movement has recently garnered much attention as many locally-crafted, high quality beers have begun appearing on store shelves across the nation. The Green Flash Brewing Company, based out of San Diego, CA, is no stranger to high quality craft beers and the work that goes into making them. It’s for this reason that Green Flash® prefers Parkson's Rotostrainer® for brewery wastewater screening needs at many of its facilities.

Spent hops and general brewery wastewater are natural by-products of the beer-making process and must be reused or disposed of accordingly. Some brewers are charged substantial fines for dumping high-solids wastewater into the city sewer system. With Parkson Rotostrainers, over 90% of the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) of wastewater can be filtered out, greatly reducing the city sewer charges. Many breweries can even sell much of the spent grain and other captured solids to local farms as livestock feed, thereby profiting on an otherwise ‘waste’ product.

Green Flash Brewing’s San Diego facility recently purchased its second Rotostrainer model RSA2512 to treat a 50 GPM wastewater flow that included spent hops and grains. This externally-fed rotating drum screen is specified for 0.030” screen openings, which is typical for many brewery wastewater applications. The unit is equipped with a self-cleaning automatic doctor blade and spray system which help keep the unit running smoothly with virtually no maintenance or manual cleaning required.

The Rotostrainer is just one of the many products in Parkson's screening portfolio that help breweries nationwide operate their screening and water treatment needs in a sustainable manner. Contact Parkson for your next project solution!