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Aqua WashPress® - Reduce odors and disposal costs

Organics and biosolids are commonly caught along with screened solids. If not removed, these elements retain water, inhibit drainage, emit odors and result in excessive disposal costs.
The solution is screenings washing, and the Aqua WashPress® (AWP) handles the job economically. The unit is the perfect complement to any screen, particularly if cost-effective screenings washing and compaction is your objective.
Principle of Operation The operation is simple. Screenings enter the press from a hopper and are conveyed by a slowly rotating screw to a wash zone where water is added to support the separation process. This is followed by compacting and dewatering in a press zone.
A stainless steel housing encompasses an inner cylinder where washing and compacting occurs. This design completely encloses the screenings, prevents spills, contains odors and provides a hygienic work environment.
Following the wash section, the Aqua WashPress® dewaters solids to reduce the volume and weight prior to disposal. The Aqua WashPress® delivers significant volume and weight reductions compared to unwashed and dewatered solids. 

The organics, which are washed out of the screenings, are returned to the influent, where they can be treated as part of the normal plant process. The Aqua WashPress® is an effective way to improve plant processes and its compact size fits easily under a screen.


– Improves plant operation – washes organics from the screenings and returns them to the process where they belong; reduces odors caused by entrained organics
 – Low maintenance – only one moving part, the screw drive; all wear parts are easy to replace without welding
 – Economic to operate – a low horse-power motor drives the entire unit which only runs on demand
 – Custom length/height of discharge piping
 – Variable length inlet hopper
 – Optional bagging device at discharge



AWP Models