The Tube Mounted Screw Pump, with its simplified design, transports liquid inside a stationary tube, eliminating the need to build a superstructure and pay for grouting. This pump offers both fixed and variable angle operation, with the lower end supported by a hoist to vary the pump angle. This allows users to change the pumping rate, while providing easier access for maintenance.


  • Variable capacity at a constant speed
  • Non-clogging pump
  • Low operating speed
  • Low operation cost
  • Superior lower bearing design (truly self-aligning)
  • Adjustable pump angle if hoist is utilized
  • Completely shop assembled
  • Easy installation
  • No grouting of pumps trough
  • Self-aligning lower bearing
  • No grease lubrication pump for the lower bearing
  • Virtually no maintenance on the lower bearing lubrication system
  • Oil lubricated lower bearing


  • Municipal wastewater plants