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Aqua Caiman HD Articulating Rake Screen

The Aqua Caiman® HD screen is designed for larger in-channel installations requiring the handling of high flows or heavy solids. Its robust design is well suited for: 

  • Storm flow screening
  • Pumps stations
  • Intake structures
  • CSO structures
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater plants 
  • Heavy solids applications

The Aqua Caiman HD incorporates the proven features and benefits of the original Aqua Caiman articulating rake screen, but is larger, heavier, and made for the toughest applications requiring jam-free operation and low maintenance. Like our original Aqua Caiman screen, the HD unit is ruggedly simple, operating without any lower bearings or sprockets. 

The screen consists of a series of rakes attached to chain links which together form a flexible belt assembly to easily handle heavy solids in large flow applications. This is successfully accomplished without the need for lower bearings or sprockets. The flexible chain links allow the rakes to engage the bars and lift solids up the screen for discharge. Bar spacings available from 1 to 4 inches allow for low headloss. The Aqua Caiman HD features the heaviest chain link design in the industry, ensuring reliable 24/7 operation, and requires few moving parts for low maintenance.

Standard Aqua Caiman HD screens are available in widths up to 10 ft., depths from invert to discharge up to 50 ft., and bar racks to 23 ft. Individually removable bars are typically ½ inch by 4-inch rectangular profile, and materials of construction are typically 304 SS or 316 SS. Units can be mounted at 60° to 90° incline. For vertical installations, the Aqua Caiman HD comes with our True-Grip™ system which provides chain retention and additional rake teeth engaging force, and the Expulsionator™ deflector system that aids in positive captured solids at the wiping area. The Aqua Caiman HD is simply the best in-channel screen available to handle the biggest and toughest applications in the industry.

One Source for Screenings Handling

The Aqua Caiman can be used in conjunction with Parkson's conveyors or wash compactors to complete the screening system. By providing single source responsibility, Parkson helps streamline communication and saves valuable time and resources while ensuring the highest quality standards. Additionally, product support is entirely sourced in the United States - from engineering to manufacturing, field service and spare parts warehousing.

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Features & Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

No lower bearing or sprocket
eliminates need for maintenance in the channel

Reduced Maintenance

True-Track™ Chain Positioner
permits easy adjustment of rake engagement without use of hoist

Water drop

Heavy bars for tough applications
available in 1" to 4" openings with heavy rectangular bar profile of 1/2" x 4"

Improved function

Patent-pending True-Grip™ chain engagement design
keeps rakes engaged while applying extra rake force to help lift solids in vertical position

Water drop with leaves

Large, deep installation
design permits installation to 50 ft. invert to discharge

Improved function

Patent-pending Expulsionator™
reliably removes large solids from rakes when in vertical position


Full view of the Aqua Caiman HD Articulating Rake Screen
Aqua Caiman head pulley
Parkson Aqua Caiman head pulley