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Water Reuse Facility

The DynaSand® EcoWash® Filter expands upon the DynaSand platform by allowing continuous filtration with intermittent sand washing. Operating in this mode, the system reduces the amount of reject water, increases filter performance, maximizes the airlift life cycle, and reduces maintenance time.

This is accomplished by the addition of a sand movement detection system that is tied to an alarm and monitored in the control room. Through modifications to the airlift design and operation, consistent sand movement is assured. When the system is not backwashing, the reject line is automatically closed, dramatically reducing reject water.

Backwash is controlled through either a differential pressure-controlled mode or timer timer-controlled mode. The frequency and length of time for the backwashing operation can be adjusted based on an individual plant’s influent conditions.

The EcoWash® incorporates Parkson patent-pending technology – US Patent Numbers 8,658,031; 8,771,521, 8,696,896.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

NEW segmented airlift
split into 3 manageable sections for easy installation

Improved function

HDPE airlift option
provides robust design with excellent wear resistance

Improved function

Intermittent backwash
lowers reject rate by up to 90%

Improved function

Filter solids management
improves effluent TSS and NTU removal 20-30%

Reduced Maintenance

Sand movement sensor
provides real-time alerts to operators

Low Power

Optimized backwashing
lowers energy consumption up to 90%


Preview image for the video "Parkson DynaSand Filter - How it Works, Features and Benefits".
Preview image for the video "DynaSand® EcoWash® Hybrid Video".
DynaSensor sand movement verification system
DynaSensor which measures sand movement and water level
DynaSand® EcoWash® rapid sand filter installation
New DynaSand Segmented Airlift available with HDPE

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