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Hypress® Dewatering Hydraulic Ram Press

The Hycor® Hypress®, a dewatering hydraulic ram press is a reliable performer that dewaters and compresses coarse and fine screenings up to 35% dry weight, depending on the material. It reduces volume as much as 75% to minimize hauling and landfill costs. The dewatering hydraulic ram press is rugged, durable and fabricated of corrosion-resistant 304L stainless. It comes with a drain pan that collects water pressed from the screenings.

In addition to dewatering, the Hypress unit functions as a conveyor that can be equipped with horizontal and vertical discharge piping up to 30 feet in length. The press has no shaft, screw or sharp edges to snag materials. Even rags pass through the discharge piping without problem. A dewatering hydraulic ram press is ideal for new or retrofit applications where straight line conveying is not possible.

The hydraulic cylinder produces a force of approximately five tons. The motor, pressure gauge, relief and reciprocating valves are mounted on the hydraulic reservoir to make a small, compact power package. The power pack can be unit-mounted, left freestanding or remotely located.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Hydraulic ram
is capable of extended discharge chute distances far beyond spiral shafted compactors and allows vertical runs before discharge

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Engineered and technically supported from the USA
to improve local support and remove overseas timezone conflicts and travel delays 

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Spare parts manufactured and warehoused in USA
reduce lead times for emergency parts