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Schreiber Fine Screen

A brushless motor drives the Schreiber Wastewater Fine Screen, approved for use in Class I, Division II areas per NEC. The bars of two grids - one movable and one stationary - alternate throughout the unit. The bars of the stationary grid convey the screenings upward in a stepwise manner, preventing screenings from being forced through the screen. At the top of the screen, a self-cleaning motion discharges the screenings, eliminating the need for supplemental cleaning devices. The fine screen has no anchor points below the waterline, and the screen itself swings out of the channel for ease of maintenance. For washing and compacting of the screenings after capture, the Schreiber Washer / Compactor is an excellent complement.

The fine screen is available to fit channels up to 5’ in depth and 18″ to 48″ in width, with a flow rate up to 14 MGD. The standard size of screen opening is 6mm (0.24″).


  • Wastwater headworks

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Features & Benefits

Reduced Maintenance

Pivots out of channel
to eliminate need for in-channel maintenance

Improved function

Stainless steel construction
increases lifespan of equipment

Reduced Maintenance

Self-cleaning without use of brushes or other devices
reduces maintenance

Cost Savings

Shipped fully tested and assembled
to ease installation and reduce construction and startup time

Provide various options

Custom controls
allow for automatic operation and are energy efficient


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