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Schreiber Washer Compactor

The Schreiber Washer Compactor delivers superior screening results with easy operation and minimal maintenance. Choose from our flexible inlet and discharge configurations. For headworks that encounter unusually high numbers of rocks and other large sediments, the Schreiber Washer Compactor offers options for rock removal, as well as flexible washer sections. Three model sizes fit every wastewater treatment plant, with inlet lengths from 3’8″ to 9’10” and screenings capacities of 27 ft3/hr. to over 70 ft3/hr.

The Schreiber Washer Compactor washes out organics and dewaters screenings in a batch sequence. Screenings enter the top of the unit, and a rotating shaftless screw agitates them under a spray of wash-water. The motion loosens organic substances from the screenings, allowing them to drain back to the process stream. The washed screenings are then transferred over a barrier at one end of the wash trough into a compactor section below. A compactor screw and conical discharge subsequently dewaters the screenings, and convey them through a larger diameter discharge pipe. This significantly reduces the volume and organics of the screenings material, resulting in disposal cost savings.


  • Wastewater headworks


  • Solids concentration of 35% - 40%

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Features & Benefits

Provide various options

Flexible inlet and discharge configurations
allow for retrofit to most screening systems

Improved function

Track mounting
eases maintenance and screen access

Improved function

Continuous bagging option
reduces odor by bagging discharge

Water drop with leaves

Efficient compaction
allows landfill application and meets Paint Filter Testing requirement

Improved function

Separate washing and compacting operations
allow for flexibility to adjust based on material characteristics

Provide various options

Optional integrated controls with screen
provide a single, interlocked control panel

Improved function

Rock removal option
help to automatically clear rock jams in the compactor


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