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Wastewater Filtration Systems

Much of the strength of Schreiber’s wastewater filtration systems and combined sewer overflow (CSO) technology lies in a 1.5-inch diameter pink fiber ball. The innovative, cost effective Fuzzy Filter uses a compressible media bed for variable porosity with high solids storage. This compact, modular, and fully enclosed Fuzzy Filter unit takes up a mere 15 percent of a typical sand filter footprint, with up to five times the flux rate at 30-40+ gpm/ft2. The filter does not require filtered water for washing.

Fully automated pilot testing trailers are available to demonstrate Fuzzy Filter performance on your influent water stream. Large clear plastic panels provide excellent viewing of solids capture and media cleaning efficiency.


Typical Wastewater Filtration System Applications:

  • Tertiary Treatment
    • Title 22 Water Reuse
    • Phosphorous Removal
  • Primary Clarifier Effluent Filtration
  • Wet Weather Flows (CSO/SSO)
  • Side Stream Filtration
  • Pre-Filtration for Membrane Systems
  • Membrane Reject Water


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The innovative and cost effective Fuzzy Filter™ uses a compressible media filtration system which allows operators to adjust media porosity to suit their influent characteristics at the push of a button. This compact, modular filter can be used in a wide Learn More