From screw pumps and bar screens to grit and grease removal, Schreiber provides the components that allow treatment facilities to implement a cost-effective, low-maintenance, complete headworks system. Plants can achieve a high inorganics removal rate while preserving organics for later aeration. Our Grit & Grease System removes nearly 100 percent of 60-mesh grit, helping facilities prevent settling or erosion that could damage a basin or other systems down the line.

Schreiber’s headworks provide low life-cost operation, while using low horsepower and little energy (based on time and intermittent operation) where possible. Schreiber components can be serviced without dewatering, saving facilities valuable maintenance time.


  • Patented grease system
  • Operator friendly
  • Keeps corrosive or sticky materials from affecting downstream processes
  • Maintenance without de-watering basin
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The Schreiber Bar Screen performs a complete job of removing screenings from the wastewater and placing them into a container for disposal. Using a rugged screen to remove large, potentially hazardous materials, the Bar Screen is the right tool for Learn More

The Schreiber Washer/Compactor delivers superior screening results with easy operation and a minimum of maintenance. Choose from our flexible inlet and discharge configurations. For headworks that encounter unusually high numbers of rocks and other large sediments, the Schreiber Washer/Compactor offers Learn More

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Schreiber’s grit and grease removal wastewater treatment system removes both grit and grease in a common structure. Two parallel rectangular concrete channels combine to separate and collect grit and grease: one to settle grit particles for removal, and the other Learn More

Schreiber’s Grit Classifier washes and dewaters the slurry from grit removal systems. It’s easy handling and grit transferring features make final disposal a simple process. The grit classifier is effective over a wide range of grit particle sizes, including sugar Learn More