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FilterONE services

FilterONE USA™ is a division of Parkson which specializes in maintenance, installation, turnkey refurbishments and service contracts for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment equipment. With in-house design, engineering and installation capabilities, we can provide customers with a lower cost alternative to a complete system replacement. We provide site visits and estimates to get your system running like new and can provide original equipment manufacturer parts and components. 

Established in 2003 and with hundreds of years of combined experience in the water and wastewater industry, we have a wealth of experience and industry knowledge. FilterONE is staffed by service engineers who have completed hundreds of on-site rebuilds and refurbishments on all types of equipment. It is our philosophy that specialized work must be completed by experienced professionals who can complete a complex mechanical task with the least amount of supervision and so we do not utilize personnel from labor pools or temporary labor. 

We can assist you with completing rebuilds on-site, instead of shipping equipment back to the factory, as it greatly reduces equipment downtime and minimizes labor needed by plant personnel while equipment is out of service.

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Optimization Services


Service at Parkson is not merely about selling a part or providing routine maintenance. Our maintenance program for water treatment equipment is critical to keeping our customers’ operations running smoothly and includes responding rapidly to any emergency. Parkson is dedicated to serving as the water expert and solving the myriad of problems that a customer might face, even if that means thinking through applications that may be outside of our existing scope.

Our staff has engineering depth and tens of thousands of installations worth of experience in working with various equipment, applications and problems. We are committed to helping you with the operation and maintenance of your water treatment plant in a friendly, professional manner.

Check out the documents below to learn more about our optimization services.


Parkson aftermarket team pulling the Aqua Guard traveling water screen out of channel for inspectionRebuildsRebuilds

Unique program to transform your old equipment to “like new” condition.

After years of operation and 24/7 functionality in the harshest conditions, your water treatment equipment can be brought back to “like new” condition with our retrofit program. Three services are available for most water treatment equipment: 

  • Certified rebuild/retrofit at factory or Parkson certified service center
  • Certified on-site rebuild/retrofit by Parkson technicians using original parts
  • Certified on-site rebuild/retrofit by owner with Parkson supervision and OEM parts

Benefits from utilizing Parkson’s services for rebuilds and retrofits include a full one-year warranty, single source accountability, in-house engineering, and high-performance integrated solutions. Consider upgrading your equipment to include cutting-edge technology from our global engineering team who is focused on continuous product improvements. 

Check out the documents below to learn more about our water treatment equipment rebuilds and retrofits.


UpgradesUpgrade to DynaSand EcoWash features the DynaSensor™ Sand Movement Verification SystemUpgrades

Upgrade your old equipment to the newest design.

Parkson always strives to provide our customers with the highest quality products on the market. We also look to improve on those products. As a result, we can offer upgrades for your equipment on the following and more: 

  • DynaSand® EcoWash® system upgrade
  • Aqua Guard® UltraClean™ head and brush upgrade
  • Aqua Guard® Element Screen to Perforated Screen retrofit 
  • Rotoshear® EZ-Care™ upgrade
  • ThickTech™ trunnion wheel, stabilizer pad and drive system upgrades
  • Lamella EcoFlow® plate upgrades
  • Rebuild in-kind all product lines to original like-new condition

Check out the documents below to learn more about our water treatment equipment upgrades.