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EcoCycle SBR

The EcoCycle SBR™ from Parkson combines industry leading DynaPhase Control™ technology with high efficiency treatment schemes designed to provide reliable and flexible performance for today’s stringent effluent needs. The EcoCycle SBR is a true sequencing batch reactor design, which allows for an ideal anaerobic/anoxic fill period, perfect for biological phosphorus removal and nitrogen removal. The true-batch design will also allow for a perfect quiescent settling step, promoting ideal sludge settling and compaction before the decant of the treated effluent. Our sequencing batch reactor basin designs are not limited by basin geometry or configuration. Deep tank sequencing batch reactor (SBR) basins are encouraged for better O2 transfer, which can lead to reduced operating expenses.

All required treatment steps will occur within a single reactor basin, without the need for any clarifiers or sludge recycle. The basic cycle structure would follow anaerobic/anoxic fill, react, settle, decant and waste sludge. All cycle set-points would be operator adjustable to allow the system to be configured for the specific needs, all in real-time.

The Parkson EcoCycle SBR™ is built on the principle that keeping electro-mechanical components out of the wastewater is a desire of operation staffs, and allows for reduced maintenance. The Parkson SBR will also offer the widest range of aeration and mixing components on the market, from the VariOx™ jet aeration system to a complete offering of diffused air (fixed and retrievable) and mixers (floating or submersible). Parkson’s DynaCanter™ is a floating, solids excluding decanter designed to remove the treated effluent supernatant at the top of the basin, just below the water surface. The DynaCanter™ does not require any in-basin actuators or drive mechanisms to operate the unit, and thus reduces the potential for units to be taken out of service. Each unit will be sized to handle peak flows, should the need arise for a flow-through scenario.

The brains of the EcoCycle SBR is the technologically advanced DynaPhase Control™, which will dynamically adjust the treatment steps of the sequencing batch reactor cycle based on incoming flows and loads. The control strategy will monitor flow and dissolved oxygen to allow for the automatic adjustment of the cycles to ensure proper treatment. During periods of low flow, the system will be adjusted into an “Energy Saver” mode by reducing the amount of aeration provided to the basins. During peak events, the controls will maintain the appropriate aeration percentage comparative to the flows and loads coming to the SBR. Operator changes to the controls set-points are acknowledged in real-time adjustments, which includes enabling or disabling a desired number of SBR basins. The Auto Detect feature will allow the system to make the necessary modifications automatically should a critical alarm or failure occur.

Sequencing Batch Reactor - Parkson's EcoCycle SBR Video

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Batch processing
provides optimal performance and eliminates short circuiting 


Compact footprint
since treatment and clarification occur in the same tank; Separate clarifiers and associated yard piping are eliminated

Reduced Maintenance

Time based control
gives the operator flexibility to easily make adjustments to optimize performance

Improved function

DynaPhase control software
automatically adjusts treatment steps to accommodate flow and load variations

Water drop with leaves

Cyclical aeration
allows for biological nutrient removal without separate anaerobic or anoxic zones

Reduced Maintenance

FRP and stainless steel in-basin equipment
allows for years of maintenance free operation

Provide various options

Design flexibility
equipment can be designed to fit any basin geometry - fine bubble, coarse bubble, and jet aeration designs available

Reduced Maintenance

Floating decanter design
provides ease of operation and maintenance since electromechanical components are located outside the tank


EcoCycle SBR™ installation site which handles a full cycle with one reactor
Aerial view of an EcoCycle SBR™ (sequencing batch reactor) installation
DynaCanter™ Floating Decanter used to remove treated effluent from an SBR installation
EcoCycle sequencing batch reactor and VariOx jet aerator
EcoCycle sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is an activated sludge secondary treatment process.
EcoCycle sequencing batch reactor and VariOx jet aerator
An EcoCycle SBR (sequencing batch reactor) ideal for biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal
RetrievOx™ wastewater aeration system with floating mixer and DynaCanter floating decanter
VariOx jet aeration, just one of three aeration types Parkson offers
EcoCycle Sequencing Batch Reactor control panel
Aerial view of an EcoCycle sequencing batch reactor system with common wall construction
EcoCycle sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is an activated sludge secondary treatment process
Preview image for the video "Parkson's EcoCycle SBR™ in React Step".
Preview image for the video "EcoCycle SBR with VariOx Jet Aeration".
Preview image for the video "EcoCycle SBR Effluent".
Preview image for the video "Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) - Parkson's EcoCycle".

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