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DynaSand D2

DynaSand® Denite provides a single-step solution to remove nitrates (NO3) and nitrites (NO2) in order to meet ultra-low effluent nutrient limits. The DynaSand filter achieves denitrification performance with less energy and in a smaller footprint than alternative conventional technologies. When combined with DynaSand® EcoWash®, significant operational cost savings associated with supplemental carbon are also realized.

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Superior process performance
achieves effluent TN limits < 3 mg/l

Cost Savings

EcoWash backwash efficiency
lowers chemical consumption by 40%

Provide various options

Innovative design
allows for simultaneous total N and P removal


DynaSand® EcoWash®
DynaSand® EcoWash® central control panel at installation site
DynaSand® EcoWash® central control panel