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Schreiber Open Flight Screw Pump

The Open Flight Screw Pump uses the classic Archimedean design, transporting liquid using an open concrete trough. The most common pump style in use in municipalities across the country, the Open Flight Screw Pump is the right choice for high-volume operations.


  • Municipal wastewater
  • Industrial process water


  • Variable capacity at a constant speed
  • Low operation cost
  • Superior lower bearing design (truly self-aligning)

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Features & Benefits

Improved function

Low operating speed
allows for long bearing life

Improved function

Non-clogging pump
eliminates pre-screening and / or grinding

Improved function

Combined radial / thrust lower bearing design
self-aligns and supports weight of the pump

Reduced Maintenance

Oil lubricated lower bearing
reduces maintenance and doesn't require grease


Schreiber Open Flight Screw Pump Front View
Schreiber Open Flight Screw Pump
Schreiber Open Flight Screw Pump Installation

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